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“Acacia Sports now has an established “Acacia Curling” sector, we have begun our curling product line and we offer 4 styles of curling, The I-Kons, Stick Curling, Matrix and the Hackers.
Our shoes have been designed, developed and tested in collaboration with Canadian and USA Curlers and to-date has received excellent reviews!
The new Acacia I-Kons is a one of kind for look and feel! It has the same excellent support, comfort and balance Acacia customers have become accustomed to. The I-Kons come with non-interchangeable slider and gripper pods. These shoes are offered with either left or right slider and available in either 3/16″ 1/4″ slider thicknesses. These new shoes are already very much in demand!
Acacia Sports Canada has been approached by many senior curlers looking for a good footwear solution for Stick Curling. As our company specializes in broomball shoes and due to popular demand, we have designed and developed a shoe specifically for Stick Curling. This Stick Curling shoe derived from its broomball shoe pedigree is ideal for curlers that don’t require sliding but do require grip and stability on the ice. We are happy to say that the much sought-after Stick Curling shoes are now available! They provide warmth and comfort and the soft soles provide stability to reduce injury from falls on the ice and provide the confidence to senior curlers to allow them to participate in the sport for years to come!
Curling clubs, pro-shops and stores interested in our products please contact us to have our curling products available in your area!